Hi Charissa, I would just like to thank you for the opportunity to make use of the Liquid Living.  It is really something special and different to do.  Our guests really enjoyed themselves and thought the cruiser was very comfortable and well equipped.  thank you for a lovely event.  Jana Schroeder

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Discover the peace and tranquility of the Vaal River on our fabulous Houseboat.

Perfect weekend getaway for family and friends

We have to hiring options available


1) Self-catering option charged at a flat rate for the entire boat (1-10 guests)

* One night stay @ R9000.00 (includes accommodation for one night and 2 hours cruising)

* Two night stay @ R14000.00 (includes accommodation for two nights & 3 hours cruising)

* Everything you need to prepare and eat your meals is on boardCabin 4

* A skipper is provided for your cruising hours

2) Fully catered option charged at a per person rate (minimum 8 guests required)

* One night stay @ R1650.00 per person (includes 1 night stay, all meals & 2 hours cruising)

* Two night stay @ R2300.00 per person (includes 2 night stay, all meals and 3 hours cruising)

* Our on board Chef prepares all your meals on board

* A skipper is provided for your cruising hours