Own a Liquid Living Houseboat permanently moored at the New Emerald Marina (Emerald Resort & Casino)

To guarantee owner satisfaction Shelter Marine create and deliver Houseboats with a strong emphasis on owner comfort, low maintenance requirements and a unique river lifestyle
The idea, styling and design stems from the big houseboat harbours in the states, where houseboat living is a huge market.  We would like to bring this idea to SA, specifically the Vaal River, which is surrounded by river estates, restaurants and resorts (a mini Monte Carlo of sorts!!)There is no better way to experience the Vaal River lifestyle than with your very own houseboat
Unique one or two bedroom luxury Houseboats NOW selling!!
1 bedroom from R1.1M
2 bedroom from R1.4M

Purchase of unit will Include the following
* Private entrance to Jetty
* Launching facilities
* Boat mooring at Houseboat (for your speedboat / Jetski)
* Security
* SAMSA Approved

Agreement with Emerald Marina mooring
* R1500.00 per month levy
* Water & electricity usage measured with own private metre (charged monthly)
* Emerald Resort would be keen on weekend rentals of your unit (50% split)

Terms & Conditions
* Your Liquid Living houseboat is not for permanent dwelling, its a weekend / holiday “shpot”
* Although permanently moored at its jetty, they will have to have motors for relocation (not included in entry price)
* Weekend rental of your houseboat is not a condition of sale, its up to you whether you would like to rent it out.

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