It’s that time of year again – the end. Which means it’s time for your company to start thinking about the annual year-end functions. Or perhaps your organisation prefers instead to host a function in the new year.

Whichever you choose, this can be quite a dreaded time, and it can be a drag if you have to plan and organize every single detail for people to attend a function who won’t think twice about who organized everything and what an absolute mission it was.

So, below are some top tips for choosing the right year-end and/or new-year venues.

Aim For Relaxation

Remember, you and your colleagues have been working hard all year. This is a time to unwind and forget about all the work-related stress, so make sure you choose a venue that is relaxing and calm, with not too much going on around (city life, busy cars, people etc.)

Liquid Lounge is the perfect setting to help your colleauges unwind, set along the lush shores of the Vaal River. This 56km section of navigable water boasts a contrast of serene nature and some of the finest real estate in the country, aptly named Millionaires Bend. And less than one hour’s drive from Jo’burg it’s the perfect location for your event.

Uniqueness is Key

A year end function happens, obviously, every year, and holding it in the same venue is boring, and ensures a mediocre time as your colleagues will be reliving past functions. Try to find somewhere unique and different to have this year’s function. It will be refreshing and fun and will ensure some excitement as people arrive.

Forget about being entertained in a pub or restuarant, why not be entertained on the ultimate floating venue, Liquid Lounge, established in 2003, the Liquid Lounge remains the most sought after river cruiser for private parties and company functions. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure flawless proceedings and a great party atmosphere.

Make it Personal

A huge party in an even huger venue with stacks of people and entertainment will be overwhelming and impersonal. After all, your colleagues are the people you spend most of your time with and see every day, plus you’ve probably bonded with many of them. Choosing a venue that creates a chance for you and your colleagues to speak about things other than work and get to know one another is what your year-end function should be all about.

ALWAYS Go for the Package

There are many different aspects that need to be considered when planning your year-end function. This includes the venue, the food and drinks (catering) and entertainment. Make sure you organize a venue that supplies the food, drinks and entertainment themselves. It’s less for you to think about and 99% of the time much cheaper than organizing them seperately. When the day of the function finally arrives, you won’t have to be running around phoning caterers and checking on the entertainment, you’ll be able to arrive and enjoy the food, drinks and entertainment just like everyone else.

Liquid Lounge aims to offer a unique fun filled experience whilst dining on board. Not only do we offer a range off all-inclusive entertainment packages, a standard breakfast, lunch or dinner time cruise is more than enough to whet your appetite for one of Gauteng’s best kept secrets. If you are tired of being high and dry on the Highveld, join us for a cruise.

Quality + Affordable

Going back to what was said above, a package is the most affordable (and less hassle) option in the end.

You usually pay a set price per person, and this takes care of each individuals food, entertainment, the venue, of course, and drinks! Even if there is a cash bar, if you’re feeling generous make a limited tab or buy everyone their first round, if not, the bar is still there to be taken advantage of.

Liquid Lounge venue facilities include:

Seating arrangements for 120 guests | Buffet station | 4 Toilets (2 ladies, 2 gents) | Fully stocked cash bar facilities | Dance Floor | Top deck with roof & outdoor lounge suites | Sound system for both the lower and upper decks | 220V power supply.

So there you have it. Stick with these tips and your year-end function is sure to run smoothly, be stress-free and ensure a great time for everyone involved!