Your 21st Birthday is probably the most important one you’ll have, and the one you look most forward to. It symbolises your official breakthrough into adulthood, and should be celebrated like no other.

We’ve devised a list of top tips for choosing a 21st birthday party venue and ideas to go along with it.

Make a Difference

Just like you are, your party venue should be unique. 21 is an extra special birthday, so you’ll want the venue to be different than the usual expectation. Try something outdoors, with a good view and unique features.


Although a large space for dancing all night is MUST, you also don’t want your venue to be so big it loses intimacy. You’ll want to spend your 21st with good friends and family, so you’ll want a space that will keep it personal but not cramped. Although on TV you might have seen HUGE spaces with hundreds of people the birthday girl/boy doesn’t even know, it’s definitely not an ingredient in the recipe to a great time.

Refreshments & Entertainment

Your 21st can’t be like your 14th birthday where everyone just showed up and your mom made hotdogs, it’s a classy affair and should be treated like one, so food or even just drinks is a must! Also, it’s very important to hire a venue that has catering packages included, an open bar is also great so that guests can sort themselves out if needed. It’s not a good idea to hire a venue and then catering apart, its expensive and stressful to be full-on party planning while you should be enjoying your night!

Make it EXTRA Special

  • The best advice we can give is to have a theme. It’s an incredibly underrated idea, but it’s always fun and unique. You can even make it a dress up party, it’s sure to be a ball!
  • Birthday party games are so much fun and also a good way to break the ice and get people talking to one another. A good game example is “Blackjack 21” or “Don’t Say the Name Game” (See end for game instructions).
  • A great party must be introduced with a great invitation, so spend some time to make it look really nice.
  • Party favours are a nice way for your guests to remember the special evening. These could be something to do with the theme, for example mini cactus pot plants for a Mexican theme.

Put these tips to good use and your 21st birthday party will be an amazing night to remember!

Game Instructions:

  • Blackjack, 21: Hand out a playing card to each guest. Give guests just 3 minutes to pair up with one other person to create a “hand” that is as close to 21 as possible. Kick the game up a notch and encourage conversation by taping cards on guests’ backs instead of handing it to them. Give away a 21st birthday themed prize for the best hand.
  • Don’t say that name game: As guests arrive, tell them that throughout the party, they’re forbidden to say a certain carefully selected word. If they’re caught saying the chosen word, they have to drink, or for those who don’t drink alcohol, they have do something funny like impersonate a chicken. Using the 21st birthday guy or gal’s name as the chosen word is sure to trip up lots of guests

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