The big 40 is approaching, and you only turn 40 once, so choosing where to celebrate your new life ahead should be carefully considered, because life does, after all, begin at forty!

1. I am Unique!

Because turning 40 is different than other birthdays, you will want to find a unique venue to celebrate. Don’t go for the boring town hall and neighborhood DJ that guests will forget about the moment they leave, you need to celebrate this accordingly!

2. Catering

Whether you’re doing food or just drinks, definitely choose a venue that has catering included, preferably a place with different options, and a bar… definitely a bar. You shouldn’t be worrying about caterers not showing up or serving the wrong thing, it’s your time to enjoy yourself so let the venue worry about it!

3. Decor and Set Up

Think about this: you hire an empty hall to host your party. Okay, so venue is taken care of… NOPE. You need to make it look nice, and probably get tables for drinks and food, AND chairs for people to sit on. Who is going to set it up? Unless you hire a decor company to bring AND put up the decor for you, but wow that’s expensive! Plus, halls are big so you’ll need a lot of stuff… NO, you will definitely need to go for the venue that makes sure everything is set up and looks amazing for the special night! Again, another thing off your stress list!

4. Intimate but Roomy

Guests are going to socialize, dance, eat, and have a great time. If a venue is too big, it will look and feel awkward with a lot of unoccupied space and people keeping themselves company. Make sure you opt for a place that is not cramped but intimate enough that everyone can enjoy the party together!

5. Entertainment

Just like decor and catering, entertainment needs to be wrapped up in the package. Find a venue that offers a DJ or live music for the night. You can’t go wrong!

Stick to these tips and you are sure to have yourself a smashing and stress free naughty forty birthday bath.

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